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Paul F. Hartzell is in the Lehigh Hall of Fame

Bio: Longevity is a culmination of many things including determination, aspiration, perspiration, hard work and, according to Paul Hartzell, the most important element of success, mental toughness. Paul Hartzell anchored Lehigh's baseball squad for three seasons and set new standards on the mound.

"While I was at Lehigh, Skip Schultz and Craig Anderson taught me about mental toughness," Hartzell said. "I was taught to think in a way that allowed me to perform whether I was on the baseball field or giving a presentation to the board of directors for a Fortune 100 company."

"Those two taught me how to be tough, how to conduct myself whether it was on the field or in the classroom," Hartzell commented. "Within a year I went from pitching at Taylor Stadium against Scranton in front of 30 people to starting against the Tigers in front of 51,000 people. It was all because I was prepared mentally."

His best season in a Lehigh uniform came in 1975 when he pitched a school-record 92 innings with 10 complete games. He posted his first winning record at 6-4 and struck out 83 hitters, only two short of the school record. His 1.66 ERA is still one of the school's best ever and is likely to stay there for a long time.
"When I was at Lehigh," Hartzell commented. "I don't think my parents ever missed a game. That's one thing I'll never forget is that they were always there."

After his stellar career at Lehigh, Hartzell was drafted by the California Angels in 1975 and was in the third spot on a rotation that included Nolan Ryan in the 1976 season. Hartzell finished second in the Rookie-of-the-Year voting that season and from 1976-78 was only one of three pitchers to finish in the top-15 in E.R.A all three years. The other two were teammates Nolan Ryan and Frank Tanana.

"I pitched one of the fastest major league games ever, a nine inning, 2-1 win over Detroit in my rookie year," Hartzell stated. "I threw 76 pitches, 62 of which were strikes. I could still picture Skip in my head growling at me to throw strikes and get ground balls."

In 1979 Hartzell was traded to the Minnesota Twins for Rod Carew, where he spent the '79 season. Hartzell went on to play for the Baltimore Orioles in 1980 and the Milwaukee Brewers in 1984.

"You don't learn how to play major league baseball at Lehigh. You learn how to be a major league person," Hartzell said.
Hartzell graduated in 1975 with a degree in Engineering and currently is a Vice President for Merrill Corporation in Palo Alto, CA. He and his wife, Andrei, reside in Menlo Park, CA, with their daughters, Brook and Blair.

Stats for Paul F. Hartzell

Year: 1975 Position: IF-OF Jersey #: 25
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Year: 1973 Position: Pitcher Jersey #:
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Year: 1972 Position: IF-OF Jersey #:
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