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Bosey Reiter

Bio: Known as one of the "most beloved" figures ever to grace the South Mountain campus, Bosey Reiter gave 31 years of his adult life to Lehigh University as a football coach and as the school's first athletic director.

Reiter became Lehigh's athletic director, or physical education director as it was known back then, in 1910 and later headed physical education when it became a separate department.
But Reiter may be more famous for what he did before arriving at Lehigh. During his five years as head coach of Wesley an University's football team from 1905-09, he was credited with originating the overhead spiral pass. Reiter found that he got more distance and greater accuracy throwing the ball overhand with a spiral.

Reiter was called "an inspiration to present and future Lehigh men" and in 1950 he was presented the distinguished Lehigh Alumni Association Service Award at the annual alumni reunion banquet. His ability to lead and motivate are always mentioned by former athletes and staff members.

Reiter was also well known and respected by the Bethlehem youngsters. He orga-nized the "Lehigh Booster Club," which made it possible by means of a special pass for youngsters of the city to witness Lehigh athletic contests.

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Coach History/Record

Year Job Title Wins Loss Ties
1911Athletic Director/Coach551
1910Athletic Director/Coach261

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